Excellent Collection Krug

If Champagne were a wine monarchy, Krug would be considered the undisputed king. An icon of elegance, sophistication and uncompromising quality with unprecedented ageing potential.

The noble Champagne house from Reims was founded in the first half of the 19th century by Joseph Krug, a butcher's son from Mainz. After gaining experience in various places, he started working as an accountant at the Champagne house Jacquesson in 1934. Here he got to know the market and became skilled in the art of blending Champagne. After a short time he decided to start his own Champagne house. This is how Krug & Cie. was born in 1843.

Rather quickly Krug Champagne was recognized for its exceptional quality. Internationally, the reputation evolved rapid because the commercially gifted Joseph spoke fluent French, German, English and even a little Russian. The following generations have retained the founder's striving for perfection, which results in that Krug has established itself as one of the most prestigious and excellent 'grande marques'. Adored by many is the distinct expression of the individual vintages and the use of an exceptionally high percentage of old reserve wines in the non-vintage Champagnes.

Krug's pinnacle is the extraordinary ‘Clos du Mesnil’. This legendary Champagne is made from 100% Chardonnay and named after the single walled vineyard in the centre of Le Mesnil-sur-Oger. This crown jewel is only produced in the most important years. The result is that since 1971, the year in which the vineyard became property of Krug, only 17 vintages have been released.

Because of the almost biblical stature, the very best of the important Champagne vintages have become extremely scarce. It is with great pride that we can offer enthusiasts and collectors the opportunity to acquire a piece of history in our upcoming June auction. Lot 546 contains the magnificent 1985, a vintage known and praised for its elegance and sophistication. The ‘Clos du Mesnil’ in lot 547 marks the opulent Champagne year 1989. This lot is a rare "Twin Krug" duo box, joined with a bottle of Krug Vintage from the same year.

‘Vintage’ at Krug stands for the pure expression of a specific Champagne year and here too, the year must first have been regarded to be perfect to declare a Vintage at all. Exceptional are: 1988, 1990, 1996 and 2002, all of which can be found at this auction in lots 530 to 536 and 539 to 543.

The origins of Krug are reflected in the ‘Grande Cuvée’. Each year since 1843 they strive for a perfect blend, nowadays using no less than 120 different base wines from 10 different vintages. Krug is also the only one of the “Grande Marques” that uses up to 50% reserve wines in a cuvée.

Krug has been using the recognizable wide bottle since 1978. In the same year the name "Grande Cuvée" was introduced, which until then was sold as ‘Private Cuvée’. Lot 517 is a very rare and flawless copy of this pre-1978 ‘non-vintage’ Champagne and undoubtedly an extraordinary tasting experience. Lots 518 and 519 are also very attractive as these are very early editions of the "Grande Cuvée".

In addition to the mentioned highlights, much more of this noble house is to be found at this auction, including large formats.

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