The Jura will blow you of your feet

Never before at Sylvie’s Wine Auctions have we been able to present such a wide range of Jura wines. The wines from this region are becoming increasingly popular, and rightly so. Their purity is an important reason for many to collect these beautiful wines. Due to the very limited editions of many of these Jura wines, we also notice a huge increase in their prices, making these wines now also suitable as an investment.
We offer you no less than 116 lots (1836 to 1921) with well-known names such as Ganevat, Puffeney and Tissot, but also emerging stars such as Domaine des Cavarodes and Bruyère & Houillon. We would like to highlight the latter for you.

Bruyère & Houillon – Lot 1847 up to and including 1876

 Renaud Bruyère learns the trade with Stéphane Tissot, while Adeline Houillon is working at the house Pierre Overnoy, just like her brothers Emmanuel and Aurelien. Wine making is in their blood and together they decide to start their own domain based in the village of Pupillin, also known as “the capital of the world for Ploussard”. An incredible feat for a village that has less than 250 inhabitants!
In 2011 they start with a plot of 0.75 hectares planted with Chardonnay, Savagnin & Trousseau in the lieu dit “Les Tourillons”, located in Arbois. From this first year they only bottled 250 bottles of red and about 700 bottles of white. In 2012 they can acquire 2 hectares in Pupillin on which Ploussard is also planted. This increases production to approximately 3,500 bottles. Another year later, a little more than 2 hectares are added, bringing the total and current size to just over 5 hectares.
Like many in the Jura, they cultivate their vineyards biodynamically and intervene as little as possible in the wine-making process itself. The red cuvées are endowed with the fruity, delicate notes that characterize the Jura wines. The white wines are full, with a delicious mineral fraîcheur preserved by the ouillage.

“Biodynamics is a unique science, unique to the person who practices it. Everything is based on the intuition of the moment. It is part of the infinity that is revealed to the observant winemaker. ” - Renaud Bruyère

When you search for the availability of the wines in this auction, you will discover how scarce they are.

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