Thomas H. Handy

Thomas H, Handy "Straight Rye Whiskey", Buffalo Trace Distillery

Thomas H, Handy "Straight Rye Whiskey" is named after the New Orleans bartender who first used Rye whiskey in the Sazerac Cocktail. This authentic American Rye whiskey is a symbol of New Orleans' history and rich in flavor. During Prohibition (1920 - 1933), the distillery was permitted as one of only a few in the country to continue distillation and so it became the oldest continuously operating bourbon distillery in the United States. 
This highly coveted and extremely limited edition is only released once a year.

Cellar master Harlan Wheatley selects the barrels manually, as only the best Rye barrels are good enough for this exceptional release.
The cellar master uses 200 liter barrels for this purpose, of which a maximum of 50 - 75 barrels are filled. This unfiltered "Straight Rye Whiskey" is bottled straight from the barrel, undiluted and unfiltered, just as it was more than a century ago.
During the maturation of at least 6 years approximately 32% of the total amount of Rye whiskey evaporates and this forms the so-called “Angel Share”.
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