Payment methods

Payment at the counter

After receiving your purchase summary, you can pay at the counter by appointment from the first Thursday after an auction in Antwerp.  

You can pay by bank or credit card and up to €3,000.00 per buyer per auction in cash.

We do not accept cash payments for on-site deliveries.

Paying by credit card

You can pay at the counter with a VISA or MasterCard. Live online bidders can request us in writing to charge their credit card. They can also pay with AMEX or Discover.

Bank charges are always borne by the buyer and the rates charged by Stripe can be found on the Internet: 1.5% for European cards and 2.9% for non-European ones and AMEX.

Paying by bank transfer

If you pay by bank transfer, we will send you a confirmation of receipt. After receiving your confirmation, you are welcome to collect your wine by appointment from the first Thursday after an auction or we will ship your wine.

We do not accept a digital copy of a bank transfer as proof of payment at the counter.

How soon do I have to pay? 

When you win lots in our auction, you must pay within 7 days of auction and we pay our contributors within 21 days. If your payment is not received within 14 days after an auction, you will receive an additional invoice for storage costs, starting on the 3rd Tuesday of auction. The minimum amount is equal to one month's storage. 

We will ship your wine immediately upon receipt of your payment, unless you prefer to collect or store your purchases. If you pay in time, we offer free storage for 6 months with an extension of up to 45 days in the event of adverse weather conditions. After that, you pay a monthly storage fee. A fee will also be applied when you have not paid in time.

Does the new OSS regulation for e-commerce affect my payment?  

Yes, it does.

The OSS regulation came into force on 1 July 2021 throughout the EU. It does not only apply to private individuals. It also applies to businesses worldwide. It applies to any legal person not registered for VAT in the EU who buys a lot subject to VAT and  

  • wishes to have the lot delivered in an EU country other than Belgium and
  • does not use a bonded warehouse.

You will receive a separate invoice for your VAT lots. Your invoice reflects your wishes and is the basis for your payment. You should carefully read your proof of purchase and/or invoice because you cannot change your invoice after the 15th of the month following the auction, including the method of dispatch/collection, whatever the consequences may be.

Most of the lots offered at the auction are margin lots. The purchase of margin lots falls outside the OSS regulation and therefore you enjoy more freedom.

You can read all about the influence of the OSS regulation on delivery and transport per country in the EU here.

What are Sylvie's bank details? 

You can find Sylvie's bank details in the footer of our invoices and receipts:  

  • IBAN BE11393050135248
  • Swift BBRUBEBB
  • ING Bank Kapellen with address:
  • Antwerpsesteenweg 38, 2950 Kapellen, Belgium

What do I do if my invoice or proof of purchase needs adjusting ? 

You are expected to provide us with the correct details prior to the auction. However, should a change be necessary, you should inform us within 14 days after the auction via e-mail. Please check your purchase details carefully to ensure that they correspond to your wishes.

Until when can I change my invoice free of charge? 

You can change your invoice at no extra cost in the first 2 weeks  after the auction. After that we will charge an administrative fee of €15.00 per auction that needs to be changed. However, changes arriving after the 15th of the month following an auction will cost €150.00 per auction, if a change is possible at all. 

Do I have to pay if I request old invoices? 

No, we will send these to you free of charge. The administrative charges apply only to late changes to (pro forma) invoices. 

Am I missing any information on prices and costs after reading this page? 

In the section Delivery & Transport you will find all possible costs of the auction together. In the FAQ, we have set out the terms and conditions in a concise manner. Soon you will also find information on how VAT is calculated. We recommend that you read this information and we will be happy to answer any questions via e-mail.

Fees for invoice changes after 26 August 2021

€15.00 per invoice

for the modification of invoices after 14 days

€150.00 per auction

for changing invoices after 15 days in the month following the auction month

No change is possible

 for invoices to which the OSS regulation applies, other than until the 15th of the month following the auction month


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