A feast for passionates of Barolo. Superb wines from Giuseppe Rinaldi in several bottle sizes
Tobacco, leather and the smell of roses and violets. Superb Barolos of Giuseppe Rinaldi in several bottle sizes. View the pictures below.

Remarkable Rinaldi

For Barolo enthusiasts, Giuseppe Rinaldi - 'Beppe' for friends - has an almost mythical status. Nicknamed 'Citrico' for his sharp remarks, he is renowned worldwide as one of the most respected and outspoken wine producers of his time.
The Rinaldi winery was founded at the end of the 19th century by one of Beppe's ancestors. He started his career as a veterinarian and only took over the family business in 1992, after the death of his father Battista. In the summer of 2018, the grandmaster himself passed away and his daughters Marta and Carlotta proudly continue their father’s legacy. Marta already had a large share in winemaking since 2010.
Distinctive of Rinaldi is the classic and traditional style. The wines are exceptionally elegant and have formidable storage potential. Beppe was uncompromising when it came to purity and being in balance with nature. He was obsessed giving soul to the wine and less interested in profit. Like his cousin Bartolo Mascarello - also a Barolo icon - Beppe was more than just a winemaker. A very committed person with a great interest in politics, culture and society. But above all, always true to his own values ​​and standards.
Giuseppe Rinaldi has been one of the most beloved and sought after Barolo producers for many years. With only 6 ha of vineyards, production is very limited. Traditionally, the vast majority of the wines are only sold to his regular and loyal clientele. As a result, there is only a very limited number of bottles available for other enthusiasts.
The wines come from the best vineyards and plots where traditionally the snow has melted first. Until 2009 it was allowed to blend grapes from different Barolo vineyards and label them accordingly. Giuseppe was convinced this method provided the best quality.
Much to his dislike, he was no longer allowed to produce his Barolos ‘Brunate - Le Coste’ and ‘Cannubi San Lorenzo - Ravera’ which he had been making since 1993. In response, he introduced two new wines in 2010: Barolo 'Brunate' - with a small permitted portion of grapes from the 'Le Coste' vineyard - and 'Tre Tine', a blend of grapes from 'Ravera', 'Le Coste' and ' Cannubi San Lorenzo '.
It is fair to say that Rinaldi belongs to the absolute elite of Barolo. We are therefore proud to offer an appealing selection at our Spring auction. Including ‘Brunate - Le Coste’, ‘Cannubi San Lorenzo – Ravera’, ‘Brunate’ and ‘Tre Tine’ from 2009 - 2015; good to excellent vintages. In addition to normal bottles, a number of magnums are also offered.

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