Buying wines

When you are registered with us as a buyer, you can place your bids. The buyer's premium or commission amounts to 18,9% including VAT.

All the wine can be inspected as of Tuesday prior to the auction. 

You can bid on lots in three ways:

1. in the auction room: after registration you will receive a bid number.

2. online: from the moment of publication it is possible to leave a written offer online. Up to an hour before the start of the auction, online bidding is possible on both auction days.

3. telephone bidding: after registering and submitting the specific lot numbers, you will be contacted by phone to take part in the auction. We guarantee your participation by telephone bids only when we are notified the very latest 48 hours prior to the auction.

Even during the auction you can arrange the payment and take along the lots you have won.

All bidders receive an official overview of their purchases on Monday after the auction. Payment and collection of the purchased wines must take place within 7 days thereafter.

Purchases above € 5000 are delivered free of charge and via insured transport within the Benelux (with the exception of the islands). When you buy wines at Sylvie's Wine Auctions, we can store your purchases free of charge in a climate-controlled space until dispatchment.

When shipping the wines, we work exclusively with reputed, reliable transporters.  

Depot The Hague

For our customers living in the Netherlands, we have a depot in The Hague where they may collect their wines.

You may place biddings at Sylvie’s Wine Auctions when you are at least 18 years of age.

In order to participate at our auction and to be present in the room, we require legal identification by means of a passport, ID card or a drivers license. This identification may also be required when you are bidding online or by telephone. New online participants at Sylvie's need to receive, apart from the message that their bids have been succesfully placed from a technical point of view, the message that they have been accepted as new bidders. Only after that message you have the guarantee that your bids enter the auction.  

Professional bidders have to provide an active VAT-number or an equally valuable professional identification.

Sylvie's Wine Auctions does not accept bids from sellers on their own lots. 

Sylvie’s Wine Auctions is entitled to bid for itself under the same conditions as other bidders. 

In general the lots are auctioned in the order in which they appear in the catalogue. 

During the auction, Sylvie's Wine Auctions processes the bids from within the room, the online bids and the phone bids. All auction prices are expressed in Euros.

All bids are final and cannot be canceled.

Buyers are advised to choose (per lot) only one method of bidding in order to prevent them from bidding against themselves.

The auctioneer determines the starting price based on the bids that are known. There is a reserve price as lower limit. This limit can not be found in the catalogue. This reserve price is based on a confidential agreement between the seller and Sylvie's Wine Auctions. This lower limit will never be higher than the low estimate.

From Untill Increments

The auction proceeds by following bidding increments:  

€0,00 €80,00 €5,00
€80,00 €300,00 €10,00
€300,00 €800,00 €20,00
€800,00 €2.000,00 €50,00
€2.000,00 €4.000,00 €100,00
€4.000,00 €8.000,00 €200,00
€8.000,00 €12.000,00 €500,00

Above € 12,000 the increments will be made according to at the auctioneer's discretion. 

The allocation of the lots will go to the highest bidder. When two parties make the same highest bid, the allocation goes to the bidder who bid first. 

You pay the hammer price and a buyer's premium of 18,9% (excluding transport costs, banking fee and insurance).

The hammer prize is the highest price offered during the auction. The buyer's premium contains VAT.

Transportation costs

The buyer is solely responsible for the shipment of wines.

You may however collect your wines in Antwerp or in The Hague without further costs. If you prefer the wines to be delivered in the Benelux (except for deliveries on the islands) and your invoice amounts to € 5000.00 or more, Sylvie's Wine Auctions will take care of an insured delivery free of charge.

In other situations we can assist in the organization of a wine transport. Ask us about the possibilities: mail or call +32 37769077.

Lots with and without VAT

For most of the lots you will not have to pay any VAT on the hammerprice. However, if lots in the catalogue are marked with •, private buyers from the EU will have to pay 21% VAT.

Example of the VAT effect for private individuals from the EU:

In case the hammer price is € 100.00 and a lot is not subject to VAT, you will pay € 118,90 at the counter. As a private individual you will allways have to pay the buyers premium including VAT.

If the hammer price is € 100.00 for a lot which is subject to VAT, you will pay €21,00 + €118,90 = € 139.90.

Professional buyers and VAT

Belgian professional buyers can recover the VAT (reclaim). Non-Belgian professional buyers located within the EU can shift the VAT. The applicable regulations can be found on our invoices.

Bank charges

Banking fees are to be paid for by the buyers. For the processing of credit card payments we ask 1.5% of the amount on your invoice. We accept Mastercard and Visa.

Are more costs to be expected?

No, unless a Certificat d'Origine is expected for export. In that case we charge €12,00 for each certificat needed. On one certificat a range of Champagnes can be listed, 

Sylvie's generally auctions approximately 180 to 200 lots per hour.

You are invited to follow the exact progress of the auction on the homepage of Sylvie's website. You will see in the top right corner which lot number is being auctioned.

Before bidding in the auction room, you must register at the desk. You must be over 18 years of age to participate and we will ask for your legal identification. After registration you will receive a paddle and a form on which you can indicate your bids.

There are good parking facilities in the neighbourhood of Sylvie's Wine Auctions.

We can answer your phonecalls in Dutch, French, English or German.

If you provide us with your desired lot numbers by e-mail, you will be contacted during the auction. For your time managment you can see exactly which lot is being auctioned on the homepage of the Sylvie's Wine Auctions  website.

You are welcome to submit your lot numbers up to 24 hours prior to the auction. Any bids submitted afterwards cannot be guaranteed. 

You must be willing to offer at least the low estimate.

Sylvie's Wine Auctions publishes a catalogue online no later than 10 days prior to an auction.

As from that moment of publication it is possible to leave your offer online after registration.

When you leave your bid online or in writing, this is considered your maximum bid. When the bidders in the room and by telephone offer less than you have offered, you win the lot by one step above the highest bid of the other parties.

You may bid up to an hour before the start of the auction on Friday or Saturday.

Why does a lot remain unsold while you have made a bid?

If the reserve price is not met, a lot will remain unsold. Furthermore it is possible that a consignor has withdrawn a lot from the auction.

Why did you not win the lot while on the internet the hammer price is equal to your bid?

If another bidder has made an offer earlier than you, the lot will not be assigned to you.

It could also be that another bidder  has outbid the hammer price shown on the website with only a minimal amount. The website however only shows rounded hammer prices.

The auction is conducted under supervision of the court bailiff present in the auction room. The bailiff monitors the emergence of the hammer price and the admission of the lots to the right bidders.

After the auction you will receive an overview of your purchases by email on Monday. In case you do not use e-mail, we will inform you by post. 

When a tailor-made transport needs to be arranged, you will receive a second overview as soon as possible, including the specific tranportation costs. 

Sylvie's publishes the auction results every Wednesday after the auction. The results consist of the achieved hammer prices excluding commission.

Payments must be made in Euros within 7 days after the auction.

Payment is possible by wire transfer, using a bank card, credit card or cash. Cash payment is possible up to € 3000,00 per purchase. Cash payment is only possible in Antwerp or The Hague unless explicitly agreed upon otherwise. We accept VISA and Mastercard 1.5% for their use.

Without payment wines cannot be collected. 

Collection of the purchased wines must take place within 7 days after the auction. Collection is possible in Antwerp or in The Hague by appointment (as from Wednesdays after the auction).

In general buyers have to arrange their own transport. However, we will assist you in finding the desired carriers or organize the transport for them you for a additional charge depending on the charges of the transporter. 

Purchases above € 5000,00 in the Benelux (excluding the islands) will be delivered free of charge and insured. 

Do you have any questions regarding your transport? We invite you to mail to or to call +32 37769077. 

All the wines consignd to us are stored in a climate-controlled room at all times. After your payment we can keep your wines in storage (insured) until the collection is organised. 

The storage is free of charge for a maximum of half a year.

We publish a printed catalogue, a catalogue in PDF and Excel as well as an overview online.

The online catalogue appears no later than 10 days before an auction. Within you will find the wines in a numerical order per lot number. A lot consists of one or more bottles. The prices are stated per lot.

The prices in the catalogue are indicative: they indicate the expected yield per lot. This yield is based on recently achieved prices at auctions wordwide and the specific condition of the bottles in the lot.

Pictures of many wines can be found in the digital catalogue online. On request we will send you the required missing pictures by email.

Sylvie’s Wine Auctions offers all wines at auction “as is,” meaning that the lot is sold with all existing faults and imperfections. We encourage potential buyers to inspect each lot thoroughly before bidding.

During the week prior to the auction, the wines can be inspected in Antwerp in our climate-conditioned showroom.

Buyers that do not accept the terms and conditions of Sylvie's can be excluded from participating at auction.

When your payment as a buyer arrives after 7 days, but within 21 days, Sylvie's reserves the right to:

- set a limit for new purchases at auction
- request a deposit before participating again
- deny access to the auction in case paying late shows an attitude or pattern
- deny access to the auction if Sylvie's has reasonable doubts that new payments will also be late, for example if you have your bids placed by a partner. 

When your payment arrives after 21 days but before the beginning of another auction, Sylvie's reserves the right to charge a surcharge of 2% on the invoice costs in addition to the previous measures.

If you have not yet paid before the start of the next auction, or you refuse to pay the 2% surcharge, you may be denied access to Sylvie's Wine Auctions in future. In this case Sylvie' s also reserves the right: 

- to hold you legally liable, or
- to resell the wines.

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