Public auction

Sylvie's is hosting a public wine auction and has no right of return. The auction can be followed live in the saleroom, by phone and online. 



We offer the wine in lots. A lot can contain 1 bottle, but it can also be more. The smallest unit of wine we ship for you is a lot. We pack your wine and, if you wish, also arrange your transport. Packaging costs are included in your buyer's commission.

When your wine leaves for a destination outside the European Union, your carrier will have to prepare the export documentation. We will contact you again for this when necessary. 


Two types of lots

The lots at the auction can be contributed by both companies and individuals. The difference in origin leads to a different calculation of value added tax (VAT) on purchases with a final destination within the European Union. You will not receive VAT on your invoice if you ship the wine to a destination outside the EU. 

If you buy a lot contributed by a company, the VAT on the wine has not been paid in the past and must still be paid. You can see in our catalogue that it is a VAT-registered lot because it is listed behind a lot number.

Consumer input gives 'margin lots', where the wine itself is no longer subject to VAT, but the buyer's commission is. Most lots offered at auction are margin lots.

If you have an excise registration, we ask you to contact us prior to the auction so that we can calculate the correct VAT for you.


One moment please. Your search is underway...