Legal Framework

Company name

Company Name Sylvie's Wine Auctions is officially registered as a Higher Institute for Art History and Antiques under company number 0431 792 233. The name reflects the history of Sylvie's.

Legal basis

Due to the nature of sale by auction, the following do not apply: The Act of 21 December 2013 - Act inserting Book VI Market Practices and Consumer Protection into the Code of Economic Law and inserting the definitions specific to Book VI and the enforcement provisions specific to Book VI into Books I and XV of the Code of Economic Law.

Sylvie's is bound by the privacy protection legislation for the processing of personal data. See the separate section on this subject on this website. By participating in the auction, participants agree that Sylvie's may retain and process their personal data (both within and outside the EU) for the purposes described in this section.

The auction will take place under the supervision of a legal representative in the form of a bailiff. If you do not agree with the manner in which the auction is conducted, a decision will be made by a judicial officer. In extreme cases, the courts of Antwerp will rule. The language of the court is Dutch.

Bidding by employees of Sylvie's

Employees of Sylvie's are allowed to bid live in the auction room (sitting at the front and visible to all) and via the Sylvie's app under the same conditions as all other bidders. Sylvie's will only accept maximum bids if they are placed within the first 5 days after publication of the online catalogue. Maximum bids that come in later will not be taken into account by the auctioneer.


All verbal agreements not confirmed in writing by Sylvie's Wine Auctions, are deemed to not exist.

English is spoken during the auction if the auction takes place at least with the Sylvie's app switched on. Explanations can also be given in other languages ​​during the auction. Several languages are used on the website. Sylvie's undertakes to translate as accurately as possible from Dutch. However, in case of disagreement, only the text in Dutch is valid under law.

If bids do not reach the auction room as a result of power, system or technical failures, Sylvie's shall not be obliged to compensate any loss.

Sylvie's reserves the right to refuse visitors / buyers access to the auction rooms without reason.

Sylvie's reserves the right to keep auction data for public health reasons. This is related to the special nature of goods, namely food, which can remain in circulation for decades before being consumed.


Modification of terms and conditions

Sylvie's reserves the right to change the website at any time.

The date of the last review or revision of the terms and conditions is always stated on the website.

No party will be able to claim compensation for damages suffered as a result of these changes.

Last update: September 28, 2019


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