Your privacy

Your Privacy

Ensuring your privacy is a concern we share with you, and for which we take responsibility as outlined below.

We collect your personal data only to the extent that it serves our shared interest and/or that it naturally arises from the terms and conditions of sale and purchase agreed upon between us.

Personal data encompasses all elements of information about an individual that, either independently or in combination, can enable the identification of that person.

We do not disclose data to third parties unless unavoidably necessary to facilitate the agreed-upon service with you, to keep you informed of our activities, to safeguard business continuity, to facilitate business cessation, or to comply with legal obligations.

From this perspective, we process your personal data for:

1. Organizing the desired service requested by. Particulary for::

  • Registering your purchases and/or sales
  • Registering your bids
  • Drafting quotations
  • Processing payments
  • Transporting your purchases and sales
  • Potential storage of your wines
  • Providing a particular service requested by you
  • Improving our service

2. External communications about services to you. We use your information in order to:

  • Providing auction information via a service platform for emails 
  • Utilizing IT support.

3. Our social responsibility. We need your data to comply with government regulations, especially concerning:

  • Our excise and other tax liabilities
  • Verification of your age as 18 years or older

4. Safeguarding business continuity:

  • Determining the approval of bids and the conditions under which these bids are accepted
  • Legally enforcing the agreed-upon sale or purchase conditions
  • Transferring your data in the event of a change of ownership

Data that may be required from you and which are held in our software:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your salutation
  • For companies: your company name, VAT number, and EORI number
  • For importing companies: your excise number and the details of your wine storage, whether bonded or not
  • Your national company registration number
  • Your language
  • The address, telephone number and name of the contact person to whom we should address our invoice
  • The address, telephone number and name of the contact person to whom we should deliver your purchases
  • The address, telephone number and name of the contact person from whom we should collect tour consignment
  • Your instructions for the manner of our service provision
  • Your IP address
  • Your IBAN

Credit card details provided by you, passport copies, or other forms of identification are not digitally stored by us. We either destroy these data after viewing, if obtained, or securely store them. Credit card details of buyers participating in auctions via the Sylvie's app are not known to Sylvie's but are handled by Stripe Bank. Banks and/or insurers may require a copy of your identification.

Third parties

Partners with whom we work through personal contact and who have access to personal data are bound by confidentiality due to the nature of their function and/or contract

Service providers with whom we do not have personal contact include our social media and the service platform for distributing our newsletters.

We do not provide personal data to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social platform.   

We provide your name and email address to our service partner for our newsletters. They use more cookies than the functional only. You can easily unsubscribe from the newsletters without our intervention.

When you sign up for our newsletter, send us a message through our website, or place a bid online, your IP address is automatically recorded by us. Additionally, the timestamp of your bids is automatically recorded when bidding online. We use this information not only to determine who was the first bidder with the highest bid but also to ensure the security of the website and the personal data placed there.

View your data

You can request or view your data with us.

Data Modification

When bidding online with us, you can change your data on our website and on the app itself. Your access to your online bids is secured by a password of your choice.

Deleting your historical data as a legal entity in our auction system is possible, except when legally prohibited (e.g., by tax authorities) and/or it could jeopardize business continuity.

Data Retention Period

We retain your data for the legally required periods and as long as necessary to provide good service or to ensure business continuity or food safety.

Website Visits and Cookies

Our website makes minimal use of cookies. The purpose of our cookies is not to unnecessarily hinder your use of the website or app (for example, you only need to set your language preference once) and to carry out our service to you.

Recording Phone Calls

During auctions, your bids made over the phone are recorded.

Video Footage

For safety purposes, we capture video footage of publicly accessible areas in the auction house. This includes the auction and showroom. Sylvie's does not publish photos or videos in which you appear recognizably.

Last updated on February 12, 2024.



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