Your privacy

Your Privacy

Your privacy is important to us and it is something we take seriously. On this page we want to share with you how we do this in an overview.

We collect your personal data only on the basis that:

  • they constitute a shared interest or
  • in circumstances that arise naturally from a purchase, in respect of the agreed conditions of sale.

Personal data may relate to all elements of information supplied to us that could be used individually or collectively to identify you.

We never make these data available to any third parties for any reason other than absolute necessity. Such instances may include (but are not limited to) facilitating a service agreement with you, assuring business continuity - along with any legal obligations it may entail - and business closure.

In this respect, we use your personal data for:

1. Organizing services to you. We use your data for the:

  • Registration of your purchases and/or sales
  • Registration of your bids
  • Preparing quotations
  • Processing payments to you
  • Delivery or transportation of your purchases and sales
  • Storage of your wines (where applicable)
  • Providing services following your instructions
  • Preparing analyses in order to determine how to serve you better

2. External communications about services to you. We use your information in order to:

  • Choose the appropriate way to greet you 
  • Provide information to you about auctions via group and individual email(s)
  • Determine the times when our emails are most often read
  • Use technical support necessary for maintaining communications with you

3. Our social responsibility. We need your data for:

  • The compliance with government regulations, in particular: 
  • Our duty, excise and other tax liabilities
  • To determine whether you are 18 years of age or older

4. Ensuring business continuity. We use your personal data for:

  • Determining the acceptance of bids and the conditions under which they will be accepted
  • Maintaining the legal rights pertaining to sale and purchase conditions in the correct manner
  • Transferring your data in the event of any change of ownership

Data that may be required from you and which are held in our software:

  • Your first and last names
  • Your gender (optional)
  • Your company name and VAT number
  • Your national register number, where applicable
  • Your language
  • The address, telephone number and name of the person to whom we should address our invoice
  • The address, telephone number and name of the person to whom we should deliver your purchases
  • The address, telephone number and name of the person from whom we should collect payment
  • Any instructions from you regarding the expected service (such as delivery after your holidays) 
  • Your IP address
  • Your IBAN

Credit card details, copies of your passport and other forms of identification provided by you are not stored digitally. We destroy any such data after inspection, or keep them in a secure manner. When these data are kept by us, we save them only with your permission.

Business partners

Our business partners with whom we work personally assume the obligation of confidentiality either via contractual obligation or due to the nature of their position.

Service providers with whom we have no personal relationship are our social media platforms and MailChimp. We assume the operating procedures of these companies to be well known.

We do not provide personal data to social media platforms. You may use our social media at your own discretion. 

We use MailChimp to send out our newsletters. We provide this partner with your email address, as it allows us to send out a high volume of mail in a very short time frame. Once again, we do not use any of the marketing tools or opportunities provided by this partner as an extra.

MailChimp automatically records aspects of your surfing behaviour. In particular, it will record your IP address, whether you read our newsletters, in which language you read them and at what time. We use this information because you have actively subscribed to our newsletter and we would like to send you the information you may expect from us at the appropriate time for you and in a form that suits you. You may unsubscribe freely from these communications at any time.

Via our website, we automatically store your IP address when you subscribe to our newsletter, send us a message, or place a bid. If you bid online, the time of your bid is automatically recorded. We use this information not only to ascertain who the first highest bidder was but also to monitor the site's security and the personal data stored on it.

View your data

You may request or view any data we hold about you.

Updating your details

When you bid online with us, you may change your details at any time on the site itself. Access to your online bids is secured with a password.

You may request the deletion of your historical data as a legal entity within our auction system, except where this is not legally permitted or we consider that business continuity could be compromised

Data retention period

We keep your data for any legally required period and for as long as necessary to provide good service to you and ensure business continuity.


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