Sell wines at auction

If you would like to sell wines at one of our auctions, please send us a list containing an overview of your wines.

We will return the overview to you with a valuation of the wine per bottle, assuming perfect condition. If you decide to auction the wines, we negociate a commission with you. The amount of this commission depends on the quantity and value of the wines and is usually between 6% and 10%. For a consignment we value at a lower limit of €10,000 or more, a custom commission rate will be agreed with you.

We will also agree with you a date on which the wines need to be physically at our auction house. If desired, we will collect the wines and this service is free of charge.

We will send you a consignment note with all terms and conditions, agreements and an overview of the wines inclured.

Two weeks before the auction you will receive a final overview of the wines you have brought in. Within three weeks after the end of the auction you will be paid in cash or by bank transfer.

Unsold lots will be re-auctioned at a lower price or you may take them back. This will be done in consultation with you.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Sylvie’s Wine Auctions aims at true wine lovers worldwide. Do you have special wines you would like to sell? You will be welcome at Sylvie's.

Sylvie's reserves the right to refuse bottles not meeting international demand or when there is any doubt about the authenticity of the wines.

If you are interested in auctioning your wines at Sylvie's, you are welcome to request a quote.

We will offer you an estimate of the auction value of your wines. This valuation will be based on bottles in perfect condition unless we have already discovered deviations.

After your agreement we will make an appointment about the transport of the wines to Antwerp. As a rule we will collect the wines ourselves using an insured transport free of charge.

When the wines are transferred to us, you will receive a consignment note. This is a contract between you and Sylvie's Wine Auctions. The contract contains a description of the wines handed over to us and our terms & conditions.

Sylvie's reserves the right to adjust previously issued appraisals after assessing the actual condition of the bottles in our offices in Antwerp.

When you decide (as a private individual from the EU) to have your wines or collection auctioned, we will agree upon sales commission, depending on the quantity and value of the wines. The amount is a percentage of the hammer price and includes VAT.

The value of the wines is influenced by the state of the label, capsule and cork, the filling and the conditions of the storage.

In some cases we grant an advance on your contribution.

In confidence we will agree upon a limit under which your wines will not be sold. This limit is the reserve price and this price will not be stated in the catalogue.

The reserve price will never be higher than the low estimate.

When the wines are received by Sylvie's, they are offered in the first auction possible, unless agreed upon otherwise. 

As a rule we will collect the wines free of charge by using an insured transport.

When we do not collect the wines ourselves, or if you do not opt ​​for this possibility, you can bring your wines to Antwerp or The Hague.

For each auction the delivery of wines is possible until approximately 3 weeks before the auction.

Our wine experts will draw up an accurate description on the basis of the physically present bottles. This description will figure in your contract and later on in our catalogue.  

Two weeks before the auction you will receive the final overview of your contribution including their auction lot numbers and also the catalogue itself in PDF.

The catalog is prepared with the greatest care. This allows potential buyers to prepare their purchases.  

The (own) transport to Sylvie's and the storage are insured. The wines are stored in a climate-controlled room.

The costs of transport, storage and insurance are included in your sellers commission.

Wednesday after the auction we publish the auction results on our website. We also inform our sellers individually about the sales results of their lots.

The results show the hammer prices excluding our commission. 

Sylvie's Wine Auctions will pay you within 21 days. Your payment does not depend on the moment the buyer decides to pay.

Payment can be made per bank or in cash.

On the consignment note you can indicate how you would prefer to be paid.

Cash payments are solely possible in Antwerp, unless otherwise agreed in writing. The guarantee for payment within 21 days applies when the payment is made by bank or when payment in cash is located in Antwerp.

If you prefer payment by bank, you are requested to enter your bank account number on the consignment note.

Companies must prepare an invoice to Sylvie's according to instructions they will receive from Sylvie's during the first week after the auction.

Unsold lots

Sylvie's Wine Auctions has relatively very few unsold lots per auction. If your lots unfortunately turn out to be unsold, we will offer you the opportunity to reintroduce these lots in a subsequent auction. We offer this possibility to the utmost up to 3 auctions.

In case wines are reintroduced, Sylvie's proposes usually a lower price. If you prefer to maintain the original prices, this is possible and you always keep the option of not offering your wines again.  

You will receive a new message from us before the start of the new auction, informing you about the new lot numbers of your wines in the upcoming auction.

Return of unsold lots

We will return the unsold lots to you ourselves as soon as we have the possibility to do so. On request we send the wines back to you against a small fee. In the mean time the wines will be stored in a climate-controlled room. Collecting the wines yourself is always possible.

Withdrawel of lots

If you withdraw your wines from the auction, you will be requested to come and collect the wines. If you would prefer the wines to be send back to you, we will do so on request.

Wines that are not collected after 6 months are assumed to have no value anymore and may be destroyed by Sylvie's unless other agreements have been made.


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