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We are happy to help you with an overview where all your questions about the shipping and collection of wine have been worked out. When you click on the blue tabs, you will see the countries below where we have already made this overview. At the moment, the website mainly contains information about countries within the EU, but that will change.


Good to know: the One-Stop-Shop (OSS) without a shop

What is it about?
On 1 July, all countries in the European Union (EU) started using the One-Stop-Shop system (OSS). When you buy a VAT lot from Sylvie's and you do not have a VAT registration in the EU, but you do want to have your wine delivered to a country within the EU, then you have to deal with this. Although the scheme applies B2C, without registration as a company, you will be regarded as a private individual - barring exceptions. From now on you pay the amount of the VAT of the destination country on your purchase. An overview of the different levels of VAT in the EU can be found here. You can select your language and open an overview of VAT rates. Everything you can buy at the auction is subject to the standard VAT rate in the overview of the EU. A modest part of the lots at the auction is a lot subject to VAT.

Just to clarify something immediately: the term One-Stop-Shop has nothing to do with a store offering a wide range of products, such as a department store. It only means that we as a digital - and physical - platform have now received 1 new tax counter for the payment of VAT for the target group of this scheme. Previously there was also a one tax counter, but all VAT was paid in the country of residence. In our case that was Belgium and you paid 21% Belgian VAT. 

How to use it?

We are happy to give all of you the opportunity to use this system, but we do attach strict conditions to it, since the payment of VAT may be possible at 1 counter, but the refund of VAT must take place in the country of destination and that could be 27 countries. As long as we do not end up in the situation that we have to reclaim VAT, you can buy a VAT lot from us. You will receive a separate invoice for this. If you send us the correct invoicing information and you pay on time, there are no further considerations when buying a VAT lot. More information about the OSS can be found in the detailed country information.

What is not affected by this measure?
If you use a bonded warehouse for the export of your wine, or if you export your purchases directly to a country outside the EU, then you have nothing to do with the OSS. That also applies when you buy margin lots, which form the majority of the lots at auction.

If you do not find the answer to your questions on our website, please contact us. We are happy to help you. You can email or call us: +32 377769077

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