There are 3 options for paying

Payment by bank

When you participate in the auction, we expect a payment by wire transfer, unless you pay at the counter or are authorized to pay by card.

All bank details can be found below.

Payment at the counter by yourself

After receipt of your purchase overview, you can pay at the counter by appointment. This is possible from the first Thursday after an auction.

You can pay by the use of a bank card, VISA or MasterCard.

Payment by credit card 

Not possible, except for shipments to a destination outside the EU up to €7,500 per auction.

Stripe Bank processes VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover.

Payment term 7 days

Payment term 7 days

Your payment term is 7 days after the auction and/or after receipt of your invoice.

We will confirm receipt of your payment.

We will ship your wine immediately afterwards, unless we agree otherwise.

We offer you free storage for 6 months, provided that you have made a timely payment. In case of bad weather along the road for destinations within the EU, we offer extended storage time up to 45 days. After that we are entitled to charge the storage fee as decribed in the footer of this website at Shipping & Collecting.

Bank details

IBAN BE11393050135248


ING Bank Kapellen, bank address:

Antwerpsesteenweg 38, 2950 Kapellen, Belgium

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I pay in cash on delivery of the wine?

We only accept payment in cash when you pay at the counter in Antwerp. Cash payments are possible up to €3,000.00 per buyer per auction (legal limit). 

Can I collect wine on presentation of a wire transfer on my mobile?

Unfortunately not. If you collect wine at the counter, without receiving a confirmation of receipt, there is a chance that your payment has not yet arrived and we will not release your wine.

Who pays the transaction fees of the bank or credit card company?

Transaction costs are always borne by you and Stripe Bank's rates are:

- 1.5% for European cards, and

- 2.9% for non-European cards and AMEX.

How can I use my credit card? 

You can request us by e-mail to charge your card by Stripe Bank.This bank offers a secure line and shields your credit card details. 

Can I use more than one card? 

Yes, you can as long as the total amount you pay by card does not exceed €7.500,00 per auction.


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