Sylvie's offers two platforms to place your bids online: on this website and via Sylvie's app (Auction Mobility). On the app you can place your bids live online via your smartphone, tablet and computer. Both systems support the possibility to leave an absentee bid.

You surf almost unnoticed from one platform to another, but behind each platform there is a completely different technique. By registering on the app you are not yet registered on the web and vice versa. You must register as a new user on both systems before you start.

The platforms give you different options and you can choose per lot which system suits you best. We advise you to opt for one online bidding system per lot to avoid bidding against yourself.

Bid live online and / or leave a maximum via the app

Via the Sylvie's app you can place live bids and maximum bids. This can be done immediately after publication of the catalogue. We publish the catalogue no later than 10 days before the start of the first auction day.

Your live bids are immediately visible to other bidders and they can respond to them.

Your maximum bids only become visible to others when your bid level is reached. You can change your bids, but only to increase them. The app ensures that you do not bid against yourself.

To access this system, you must download the free app from Google Play or Apple Store and register. When registering, your credit card details are requested for identification.

On the app you will only see the bids that you place there and not the bids that you have placed on the website. Immediately after the sale you can see which bids were successful and which were not.

Via the option "return to Sylvie's.be", at the top left of your screen, you leave the Sylvie's environment via Auction Mobility and return to the website.  

Leave a maximum bid on the website

You can register on the website, leaving your name and address. Data to identify yourself can be asked in addition. You can place maximum bids (or absentee bids) below the low estimate on the website, but you should realize that all bids on the app start at the low and that a reserve price has been agreed with the seller below which the wine will not be sold. This reserve price is at the same level as the low estimate or below it. It's never higher than the low estimate.

No auction participant can see your bids. The advantage for you is that you can freely change your maximum bids up to an hour before the auction starts on the day that your lot is on the agenda.

If you also place bids on the Sylvie's app, you will not be able to see them on "My Sylvies".

"My Sylvie's" becomes available as soon as you register on the website. Searching for wines on the website is easy and you can enlarge the photos of the lots.

On the website you find general information, auction results of closed auctions, articles and newsletters.


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