Auction Fees

Below, buyers will find an overview of all fees at Sylvie's. 

Hammer price and buyer’s commission

The hammer price is the price mentionned in the auction room. It is a price at no additional cost.

Sylvie's buyer's commission is 20% over the hammer price inclusive of VAT and all-riks insurance for free storage.  (16.53 % excluding VAT) 

Sylvie's buyer's commission is 20% over the hammer price exclusive of VAT and inclusive all-riks insurance for free storage for the auctioning of wines from outside the EU (under bond).


VAT is charged at 21%.

Only specifically marked lots in the catalogues are subject to VAT. All other lots are free of VAT.

All buyers outside the EU and business buyers from EU Member States (except buyers from Belgium) do not pay VAT to Sylvie's. All other buyers are charged 21% VAT on their invoice when purchasing any lot that attracts VAT.

Transport costs

You are free to choose your way of transport. You can collect your wines by yourself, by a carrier of your choice or have Sylvie's a shipment organized for you.

If Sylvie's organizes delivery for you, you pay transport costs to Sylvie's. Sylvie's will pay the carrier on your behalf.

Sylvie's charges a standard fee, irrespective of carrier.

The transport costs on your invoice are expressed as a single amount. It comprises transport costs, packaging material costs, storage costs and all-risk insurance.

The only extra packaging costs are for Styrofoam packaging or comparable packaging. Traditional Sylvie's packaging in boxes with a double cardboard layer does not incur any additional packaging costs.

If you buy wines to the value of more than €5000.00 in Benelux, our drivers will deliver these wines to you free of charge. 

Free storage

For a period of up to 6 months after purchase, you pay nothing for storage.

For extended use of this storage, a pallet price of €150.00 per pallet per month will be charged, unless otherwise agreed in writing. More information about this can be found under ‘transport conditions’.

Free auction pictures

Up to 10 photos of your auction can be requested free of charge. If you would like more pictures, you may request a quote. The filing of such photos is an additional service that Sylvie's offers if capacity allows.

Easy import

As a buyer, when importing wine to a country outside the EU, you are responsible for the payment of all costs associated with importation. In practice, carriers will arrange this for you if importation into your country is allowed.

If Sylvie's organizes transport for you, you will pay the costs according to the carriers' specifications for door-to-door delivery, including the costs for importation.

You should always check the regulations in force in your country and you remain ultimately responsible for the payment of any importation costs. Sylvie's will never be held liable for this.  


Anyone holding an excise permit can apply for an Excise Accompanying Document (EAD) via Sylvie's. The fee for this is €50.00 ex VAT per document.


Sylvie's organizes this document for your wine export free of charge.

Bank charges

Bank charges will be borne solely by the buyer. If you wish to pay by credit card, we charge 1.5% of the value of your invoice for this service.   

Bespoke services

Any costs not mentioned on this page are costs that might arise from bespoke services, based on requests from the buyer.      


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